U.S. Custom and Border Protection / Global Entry at OAJ

As Albert J. Ellis Airport is regional, there occurs global entry. What is the global entry? It is a program implemented by the United States Customs and Border Protection, which helps the passengers to use their time efficiently, as they can cross the border without furthermore procedures. A Passenger can find automatic kiosks, by which they can cross the border of the United States.

It is not difficult to achieve the Global Entry, the passenger must present a passport, which will be machine-readable, they also can use a permanent resident card, those documents will be checked, and then they can go ahead to the baggage claim area. It is convenient to have this Global Entry permission.

Even though this airport works its best to avoid queues, every passenger must take into consideration that there might be some delays, those security procedures can use a long time, this may be caused by weather or flight delay. Due to this, a passenger must organize their trip efficiently not to lose their time. If there is a special condition, a passenger must do everything that is demanded by TSA agents to pass furthermore checking.

Baggage Claim and Meeting Points at OAJ

It will be beneficial for the passengers if they check baggage restrictions beforehand, as there are some limits. However, there is only one terminal; the passenger can see baggage claim areas easily, as they are located in the terminal.